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Lyrical lover Innessa takes listeners on her journey

Russian born singer Innessa tells stories in her own way. She has released her album Golden Wreath.

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Lyrical lover Innessa takes listeners on her journey

This Russian-born Sunshine Coast local is telling stories in her own unique way.

Singer-songwriter Innessa discovered a passion for poetry while doing homework in her native Russia.

At the age of eight, she began rhyming sentences in her homework book and transformed them into poems. In her early teens she picked up a guitar and her poetry was given a new lease of life.

Innessa’s musical journey began when she recorded her first album, a collection of quirky pop/rock songs, after arriving in Australian in 2010. The process was even more challenging for Innessa as she worked hard to translate her songs into English and write new material in this second language.

“Later I discovered some multicultural folk festivals were looking for acts to represent other cultures, so I put together a side project of traditional East-European folk songs,” she says. “It was wonderful being able to sing in Russian again and have this great feedback from Australians. I spent two years focusing on this project but then felt I really missed songwriting and creating something new, alternative, non-traditional. That’s when I came up with the idea of combing my alternative originals with traditional Russian Folk.”

Now living in Peachester, Innessa’s latest single, Golden Wreath, is the first song released in this new genre where East meets West in a magical doorway of sorts, and she says it holds a special place in her heart.

“It is based on a traditional Russian folk song that I used to sing during my school years in a choir. The traditional version was about an old custom when a young girl walks with her wreath and then puts it onto the shoulder of the man she likes,” she says.

“I adopted the melody but added my own lyrics and meaning to the song, keeping the golden wreath as a symbol of desire and passion. In my song, I follow my golden wreath (my passion) and overcome obstacles in search of my own destiny.”

Innessa’s whimsical way with words recently earned her a finalist spot in the 2017 Queensland Music Awards. She has also released three studio albums and performed at some of Australia’s biggest folk festivals.

To find out more, visit or check out Golden Wreath on iTunes, Spotify and other platforms.


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