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Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band 10th Birthday Party is coming to the Sunshine Coast.

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Love lah-lah?

Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band 10th Birthday Party is coming to the Sunshine Coast.

Tina Harris has been rocking red and whit stripy socks for a decade and is preparing to celebrate with the best birthday concert going when Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band comes to the Coast.

The popular ABC Kids show, featuring Mister Saxophone, Squeezy Sneezy the piano accordion, Tom Tom on drums, Buzz the bandleader, Lola the dancing double bass and the ever-loveable Lah-Lah, will come to life in spectacular fashion at Venue 114 with all the fans’ favourite tunes.

“In a way, I kind of feel like we’ve come of age,” says Ms Harris. “But at its core, Lah-Lah is still a band of best friends and I think that comes across both in the TV series and also the live show. We wouldn’t do this for 10 years if we weren’t enjoying it.”

Touring is a real family affair, with Ms Harris and husband Mark (Buzz the bandleader) bringing their daughters Emily and Lily along for the ride.

When they are not filming or touring, the Harris’ run an online music resource for educators and parents called The Music Room and they have kickstarted a crowdfunding campaign to get their latest TV series – The Stripy Sock Club – off the ground.

The program will focus on getting Australian children’s voice onto TV.

“I find that families on the Sunshine Coast are incredibly passionate and get really excited when we come to town. We look forward to meeting them after the show at the meet and greet, which I think is still one of the most important parts of our show.

“It’s magical seeing children touch the double bass, play the drums and press the buttons on the sax after a show, that’s the magic of Lah-Lah.”

Lah-Lah’s 10th Birthday Party concert is on October 2 at 10am at Venue 114. Tickets are available at


Roxy has been a journalist for more than a decade and joined the MWP team at the end of 2016. She is a chocolate-powered writing machine who loves to engage with the Coast community, uncover untold inspirational stories and share information that can help people.

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