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Polaris are making an impact on the music scene their own way – and local fans are loving it.

The fact that Polaris rip it up every time they hit the stage is no accident – the south-Sydney five-piece write every one of their metal-core songs in a way that means every person at their live shows can experience a special moment with them and it has seen their popularity soar.

Their debut album The Mortal Coil, released last year, propelled Polaris into the stratosphere, with their growing legion of fans spreading far outside Australia and into Europe and the US.

Drummer Daniel Furnari says they have surpassed the high expectations they have set for themselves and are planning to bring their high-energy live show to the Sunshine Coast for the first time later this month.

“We are one of those bands where the desire to play it live is what drives us,” he says.

“The live performance is the most pure aspect of you as a performer and while you can spend all these hours trying to make something sound perfect, really at the end of the day when you get on stage and when you perform, that for me is where the song truly exists and becomes its own entity.

“For three to four minutes, five people are playing one song and a room full of people are connecting with it. When you have a song that works in that context, you leave people with a really strong memory and a strong emotion and that is the ultimate goal. It is the one thing that brings us together and really drives us and keeps us on the edge as a live band as well.”

Mr Furnari says they are excited to finally hit the Sunshine Coast to connect with fans and showcase their melodic, technical style of music with new audiences.

“We did have to fight a fair bit in the early days to get recognised in our local scene because we were different to the metal-core bands as we weren’t as heavy.

“But we’ve had some great opportunities that has seen us able to tour and get our music out there the traditional way. Now we are selling out national shows and have seen a huge shift in the way we are being received in Europe.”

Polaris will be at Solbar on July 27. Get tickets from


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