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Lah-Lah live on the Sunshine Coast

Lah-Lah children's band will perform on the Sunshine Coast

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Lah-Lah live on the Sunshine Coast

Music is a vital part of early childhood development, says Tina Harris from ABC show Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band.

Tina Harris loves nothing more than seeing a sea of stripes and spots when she takes to the stage as the lead singer of Lah-Lah.

The accomplished opera singer has performed with the Theatre of Image, Chamber Made Opera, and Opera Australia and also spent two years teaching English to Japanese students through a self-designed program using song to teach language.

But the mother of two says when she had her eldest daughter 14 years ago, she felt a “slight shift, like so many mums do”.

“I wanted to find something that worked well with having a family, and also do something I am passionate about. So I started early childhood music classes,” she tells My Weekly Preview.

“The first class became a school, which ended up being four schools, and it has just grown. In the last session of the program, my husband Mark would come in with his double bass and we’d do a mini show.

“It wasn’t long before parents started telling us we should do a big show.”

Almost 10 years ago, Lah-Lah Productions was born and Harris transformed into the show’s namesake.

Her husband became Buzz, the band leader, and they roped in long-time friends Nic Cecire as Tom Tom, Matt Ottignon as Mr Saxophone and Gary Daley as Squeezy Sneezy.

With a shared background in education and each member accomplished performers, the team forged a path that focused on connecting young children with music and developing a passion for instruments.

Their latest show, Having Fun, is on its way to the Sunshine Coast these school holidays and Harris says it is her favourite show to date.

“We’ve done some cool new things and tried to incorporate new elements from an entertainment point of view while keeping up with the important educational point of view,” she says.

When the band isn’t performing, or appearing on their popular ABC Kids show Lah-Lah’s Big Live Band, they are actively connecting with parents and educators around the country through their Music Room program and newly launched Kids Music Group by Lah-Lah Facebook group, which gained 1200 followers in just four days.

Caloundra RSL, September 23 at 10.30am. Tickets are $25.50 and are available at


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