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For the love of Tay Tay

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For the love of Tay Tay

This performer has been inspired by pop princess Taylor Swift.

It’s not often that tattooed folk/pop artists harbour a fondness for the music of American pop stars like Taylor Swift.

Or at least if they do, they’re not making public announcements about it. But Brisbane artist Shanon Watkins is happily doing both.

His new single Secret Love of Tay Tay is an upbeat tribute to this formerly undisclosed appreciation for the pop star.

“I was listening to a Taylor Swift song on the radio and was singing along not fully conscious that I was actually enjoying it.

“At first I was embarrassed but now I’m not afraid to admit that I like some of her songs.”

His own music is a world away from hers, however, with references to the likes of John Butler, Jason Mraz and Ed Sheeran.

Shanon Watkins is at the Solbar in Maroochydore on February 2 from 6pm in the lounge bar. Entry is free.

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